Dragonfly Readers: Going Places

ISBN 9780190890117
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Going Places is Band 6 of Dragonfly Readers Level 2 Lime. This anthology contains three theme-linked reading texts:
Shaan Town Tales – Uncle Lau’s Museum
In this ‘Shaan Town Tale’ Mina, Dasan and Lili visit Uncle Lau to help clean his house. The children would rather go to the playground, but after they see Uncle Lau’s old treasures, they change their minds.
Skycycle Adventures – Turtle Trouble
 This ‘Skycycle Adventure’ takes Li Yen, Safina, Bo and Gopi under the sea. With the help of the Skycycle, the children rescue a giant turtle that is in danger from all the rubbish in the sea.
Sad City
A fast-growing city faces some problems – too much traffic, noise, air pollution and safety issues. Can these problems be solved? People get together and plan how to make their city a cleaner, safer and happier place to live.