Dragonfly Readers: Family Bonds

ISBN 9780190890124
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Family Bonds is Band 1 of Dragonfly Readers Level 3 Teal. This anthology contains four theme-linked reading texts:
Shaan Town Tales – A Big Family Party
In this ‘Shaan Town Tale’, Mina and Dasan go to a celebration of their great-grandmother’s ninetieth birthday. But there’s a mystery about the cake they take to the party.
The Brave Brother
When Ali is bullied at his school in Pakistan, his older brother encourages him to be brave like their parents. Later, not only does Ali find a peaceful way of dealing with the bully, but something surprising happens.
Birthday Celebrations in Asia
Many Asian countries have interesting traditions about how and when people celebrate birthdays, with special food, clothes and gifts. Learn about some of them in this non-fiction text.
A Man’s Job?
A class in China are learning about different jobs. As various parents come and talk about their work, two classmates try to make up their minds about what they want to be when they grow up.

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