Discovery Book 2[IS]

ISBN 9780195475531
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Discovery is a dynamic secondary geography series for classes 6, 7, and 8 developed according to the guidelines of the Pakistan National Curriculum, 2006. Geographical concepts and information are presented through a clear and well-explained text, in a student-friendly layout with appropriate, full-colour maps, photographs, tables, and diagrams. To further enhance interest, additional relevant information is provided in text boxes.
The chapters have been divided into sections, each followed by questions, activities, and projects to reinforce learning and understanding. Teaching objectives and learning outcomes are provided for each chapter. The Students’ Books are supported by Teaching Guides.
Book 1 covers the universe and the solar system, maps and their uses, spheres of the Earth, physical features, and major landforms with a focus on Pakistan.
Book 2 covers the physical state of the Earth, the atmosphere, mining and power, industry, trade, and transportation.
Book 3 covers maps and diagrams, agents of landform change, major environmental problems, neighbouring regions of Pakistan, and modern techniques used in geography, besides other topics from human and physical geography.