Big Rain

ISBN 9780190702090
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Big Rain

Gayathri Bashi

Floods and other natural calamities do happen, children do get caught in them, and other children see it all on television. How do they make sense of it? Big Rain was written when the author tried to explain to her three-year-old how devastating floods in certain parts of the world affected family and friends and so many, many others. The book talks to children through very simple text and evocative visuals, ending with the important reminder that if you look after nature, nature will look after you. It enables conversations that can heal and empower.

Author Description
Gayathri Bashi once had a picture book collection of her own. Now she shares it with her equally enthusiastic son. Together they discover new worlds that inform and inspire them, and learn about things great and small.

T.R. Rajesh paints, teaches, and illustrates for children.


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