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Deli 814A Tape Dispenser Small (1pc)
Rs. 187.00
Market Price   Rs. 205.00

Per Box 48 pcs..

DL Tape Dispenser 2 Inch (1pc)
Rs. 291.50
Market Price   Rs. 301.00

DL Tape Dispenser Dingli stationary Hight quality Elegant unique design Durable and nice ea..

DL Tape Dispenser 3 Inch (1pc)
Rs. 429.00
Market Price   Rs. 438.00

DL Tape Dispenser 3 Inch Dingli stationary hight quality Elegant unique design Durable a..

Kanax Tape Dispenser KTD-50 (1pc)
Rs. 550.00
Market Price   Rs. 575.00

Kanax Tape Dispenser KTD-50 Easy to use tape dispenser for use with 50 mm/2” tape Rugged ste..

Kanax Tape Dispenser KTD-75 (1pc)
Rs. 688.00
Market Price   Rs. 695.00

Kanax Tape Dispenser KTD-75 Easy to use tape dispenser for use with 75 mm/3” tape Rugged ste..

Kanex MPD R-50 Pin Dispenser (1pc)
Rs. 83.00
Market Price   Rs. 95.00

Specifications Helps keep loose paper clips,staple pins all in one place. Comes with 2 compa..

Kanex MPD S-50 Pin Dispenser (1pc)
Rs. 94.00
Market Price   Rs. 110.00

SpecificationsHandy in dispensing used staple pins, paper clips at all.Magnetic top for quick dispen..

Motex MX-5500 Price Labeller Machine (1pc)
Rs. 385.00
Market Price   Rs. 400.00

Product SpecificationAutomation gradeSemi-automaticBrandMOTEXLabeling Speed10-50pcs/minWeight300-600..

Okacia Tape Dispenser 1inch (1pc)
Rs. 110.00
Market Price   Rs. 125.00

Okacia Tape Dispenser Size : Medium Manufacture : Okacia Type :Tape Dispenser Okacia is..

Polo Tape 1" Dispenser (1pc)
Rs. 278.30

Polo Tape 1" Dispenser It is used in offices, schools and homes. May institutes used it as per..

Price Tag Sticker Roll (1pc)
Rs. 17.00

100 percent brand new and high quality rolls price labels for price gun labeller self-adhesive desig..

Scotch Tape Dispenser 1" 60 Yards China (1pc)
Rs. 446.60

China Factory automatic hand held 2 inch and 3 inch Packing tape Dispenser Our gummed tape dispen..

Tape Dispenser 3 Inches China (1pc)
Rs. 418.00

Tape Dispenser 3 Inches China  It is made up of plastic. It also possesses a blade to cut t..

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