World Watch History Skills Book 1

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Developed along the guidelines of the Pakistan National Curriculum, World Watch History is an extension of World Watch Social Studies to the lower secondary level. It is structured in a chronological manner, tracing the history of our world from the ancient times to the present-day. It focusses on the history of Islamic civilization, the subcontinent, and the struggle for Pakistan.
It presents a student-friendly approach with a conversational tone to engage their interest. Digital resource in the form of My E-Mate companion website, along with Skills Books for students and Teaching Guides make World Watch History a comprehensive course.
Key features of the series:
• builds on students’ knowledge about methods of historical enquiry, including how evidence is used rigorously to make historical claims, and explain how and why different people have presented different views of the past
• explains significant aspects of the history of the wider world: the nature of ancient civilizations; the expansion and dissolution of empires; characteristics of past societies in different parts of the world; the achievements of, and mistakes made, by people
• explains how Muslims have influenced and have been influenced by the wider world (for example, in learning/science/the arts/government)
• develops an appreciation about how their own locality and other parts of the world have been shaped by events of the past
• develops knowledge of the history of the subcontinent, in particular the area that is now Pakistan, from the earliest times to the present day
• encourages students to use higher-order thinking skills
• each book is illustrated with relevant photographs, drawings, and maps
• includes ‘Fact files’ that give interesting and important facts about the topic; questions and discussion points consolidate learning; each unit ends with a test on key points and an overview
• each book is accompanied by a Skills Book which reinforces learning through various activities and comprehensive teaching guides which are a valuable resource for the teacher in the form of further explanation, additional activities, and lesson plans
My E-Mate companion website explains geographic concepts and processes through animations besides testing students’ knowledge through activities and quizzes.

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