Wonders of Science Book 8

ISBN 9780199064397
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The purpose of teaching science at school level is to satisfy the curiosity of students and, at the same time, engage them in a positive learning experience which helps them to know more about this important subject.  Wonders of Science Books 1-8 have been designed with this in mind.
At the school level, science is taught as a composite subject rather than as separate disciplines of physics, chemistry, and biology. This series adopts this approach, providing an appropriate balance of concepts from all disciplines of science. It explores important scientific concepts at an age-appropriate level within the cognitive reach of children of this age.
Key features:
• Learning outcomes are given at the beginning of every unit
• The language is age-appropriate and easy to understand
• Fact Boxes provide additional knowledge relevant to the topic being studied
• The ‘Think and Tell’ sections present quick questions relevant to the topic
• The experiments are easily manageable in real classroom situations
• The glossary at the end of each book gives the precise meanings or definitions of important terms used in different units
The Students’ Books are accompanied by bilingual (English-Urdu) Teaching Guides that provide useful support for teachers in instruction and assessment.