Uss Ko Ikk Shakhs Samajhna Tou Munasib Hi Nahin

ISBN 9780199060665
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Winner of the 8th UBL Literary Awards 2019 for the Best Urdu Non-Fiction
Meeraji (1912-1949) is an acclaimed modernist Urdu poet, critic, and translator. He not only laid the foundations of modernist poetry in Urdu by writing poems, making a break from his predecessors with his distinctively innovative and experimental form and content, but took upon himself to elaborate fervidly the poetics of modernist Urdu verse by analysing and interpreting poems. He pioneered the methods, ways and conventions of how to read a modern poem. Adopting a cosmopolitan, transnational view in translation, he proffered an alternate to the colonial narrative of translation, which mostly centred on English language texts. His poetic style also mirrors the transnational ethos. 
Meeraji’s poetry, criticism and translations have not only been applauded by critics but are now taught in Bachelor’s and Master’s courses of Urdu literature in Pakistan and India.
The author of this study seeks to locate the position occupied by Meeraji’s imaginative and intellectual works in both colonial and postcolonial settings.