Think! Additional Mathematics Workbook

ISBN 9780190704049
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Think! Additional Mathematics textbook series reflects the important shift towards the development of 21st century competencies providing foundation for AS / A Level higher education.
The series covers the Cambridge O Level and IGSCE Additional Mathematics syllabi 4037/0606, for examinations effective from 2020 onwards. The changes in the new curriculum are completely updated in the series, keeping the progression of content and syllabus flow in mind. The updated assessment objectives include the measure of learning and understanding of application and demonstration of mathematical techniques.
Special Features:

Chapter Opener and Introductory Problem motivate the development of concepts
Investigation, Class Discussion, Thinking Time, and Journal Writing highlight mathematics as a tool and as a discipline
Real-life examples and applications emphasise the relevance and beauty of mathematics
Worked Examples, Practise Now, and Exercise questions ensure a high baseline of mastery
Challenge Yourself problems provide extension opportunities
Reflection prompts encourage metacognition
ICT tools promote visualization and exploration of concepts
Opportunities to code expose students to this increasingly prominent skill of the future
Summary consolidates the big ideas, concepts and knowledge encountered in the chapter