Understanding History Book 3 PCTB

ISBN 9780190706210
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Understanding History Book 3 PCTB

Ismat Riaz

Understanding History is an exciting new series developed according to the guidelines of the Pakistan National Curriculum 2006, for Classes 6, 7, and 8. This series covers the history of South Asia from ancient to medieval to modern times along with corresponding developments and events in the rest of Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the Americas, and their impact on the world in their times as well as the future.
Salient features:

The history of ancient civilizations, medieval kingdoms and leading figures, and modern times is presented in simple, clear language, and in an objective, analytical, and interesting style
Appropriate maps, photographs, and illustrations in full colour along with additional relevant information in margin boxes support the text
The chapters conclude with questions, activities, and project work to reinforce learning and understanding
Glossaries in each chapter explain the meaning and use of new words
Teaching objectives and learning outcomes are provided for each chapter in each book
The Students Books are supported by comprehensive Teaching Guides


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