Tum Kabeer

ISBN 9780199061556
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Winner of the 8th UBL Literary Awards 2019 for the Best Urdu Non-Fiction
This book contains Fahmida Riaz’s poems composed between 2000 and 2015. Fahmida Riaz has been a political activist since she was a student and a literary pioneer of the women’s liberation movement in Pakistan. From the outset, her choice of themes, diction, allusion, and similes, broke out of the inhibitions imposed on her gender. Her poetry has won her many admirers, especially among modernists and younger readers. Her protest poetry caught the imagination of her generation. As this generation grew, so did her popularity and critical esteem. Her aspirations, which are both for seeking a democratic dispensation and women’s liberation, invigorate her verse, making it a powerful medium of protest. Beneath the politico-social overtones, one discerns the lyricism of an accomplished poet. All her political and feminist aspirations are reflected in her poetry, of which she has published several volumes. She has also employed her talent by translating into Urdu, the Persian poetry of Rumi and Farogh Farrukhzad, and the Sindhi poetry of Shaikh Mubarak Ayaz.