China Clear Bag 22c [IP][1Pc]

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China Clear Bag 22c [IP][1Pc][U223]

BRAND : China 

SIZE : A4 - 22C


A clear bag, also known as a transparent bag or a see-through bag, is a type of bag or pouch that is made from clear material, typically plastic or PVC, which allows the contents of the bag to be easily seen from the outside. Clear bags are often used for security or inspection purposes, such as at sporting events, concerts, and other venues where there are restrictions on the types of bags that can be brought inside.

Clear bags can come in a variety of sizes and styles, including clear tote bags, clear backpacks, clear clutch bags, and clear cross-body bags. They are often designed with reinforced handles or straps and can have zippers, snaps, or other closures to keep the contents secure. Some clear bags also come with additional pockets or compartments to help organize items.

Some of the most popular application areas are in schools, stadiums, amusement parks and office buildings. They are required to bring to certain sporting events and events where security is top priority. They can also be used for everyday use and transporting items that need to be visible.

The major benefit of clear bags is the ease with which the contents can be seen, which makes them ideal for security and inspection purposes. Additionally, clear bags can also be a stylish and practical option for carrying items in a way that is easy to find what you need and prevents any confusion for staff.

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