This Truck has Got to be Special

ISBN 9780199408481
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This Truck has Got to be Special says truck artist Zarrar to Chinar Gul, a truck driver from Pakistan. Gul – who drives along the mountain roads of the Karakoram and the Hindu Kush – has finally bought his own vehicle and wants it painted beautifully. As Zarrar gets to work, Gul waits in the yard, thinking about his many journeys, the splendour of the hills and the intricacies of truck art – until everything is at last ready and it’s time to be off, on the road again!
A richly imagined collaboration between a Pakistani writer, Pakistani truck artists and an Indian illustrator, this book celebrates the energy and joy of Pakistani truck art, as well as the artists whose skill and labour breathe life into it. All along, the bold graphic vigour of truck art tells its own story.