The Battle of Hussainiwala and Qaiser-i-Hind

ISBN 9780199064724
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This book narrates a fascinating firsthand account of a battle fought in 1971 at Hussainiwala in former West Pakistan. The author, as a Commanding Officer at the time, led his newly formed battalion against heavy odds to greatly contribute to the victory of the 106th Brigade against Indian forces. He describes the unfolding chain of events that led up to the battle at Hussainiwala and provides intricate details of the confrontation, along with its plans.
What makes this battle particularly noteworthy is that it was fought against the backdrop of the larger military debacle and break-up of East Pakistan. Determined not to fail, the tenacious troops of the 106th Brigade under Brig. M. Mumtaz Khan HJ, SJ of the Frontier Force Regiment fought courageously in Hussainiwala prevailing against the very strong opposition of the Indian forces and finally defeated them. This well-crafted book takes us behind the scenes, leaving us wiser and more appreciative of how unyielding troops could help defend a nation and protect its future.
The author, now in his late seventies, was inspired to write this book to uncover factual details of the event and help both the armed forces and the civil society understand the intricacies of how this difficult battle was fought and won. The book also pays homage to the officers and men who laid down their lives in the line of duty.