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Strengthen English Vocabulary For Secondary Levels aims to teach and enrich one vocabulary in the course of learning English. This book incorporates ample exercises with reference to: (1) Words with Multiple Meanings (Homonyms) (2) Forms of Irregular Verbs (3) Compound Words (4) Words from the Same Family (5) Prepositions in Phrases and Idioms (6) Converted Words (7) Derivative Words (8) Learning and Using Words (9) Phrasal Verbs (10) Confusing Words (11) Word Associations (12) Contextual Words (13) Learning and Using Idioms (14) Learning and Using Word Pairs (15) Completion of Idioms (16) Contextual Idiomatic Meanings (17) Multiple-Choice Vocabulary Items (18) Miscellaneous Vocabulary Items In addition, there are also enrichment exercises for reinforcement. All these exercises come with Model Answers that can be found at the back of this book. These exercises will prove useful not only for secondary school students but also for those who are keen on improving their language skills.


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