Nelson English International Workbook 4

ISBN 9780190704384
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Nelson English International is a structured English course which has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of international students.
The course teaches the skills and craft of quality writing and provides an 8-year programme of study. There are 3 components at each level: Students' Books, Studentsí Workbooks and Teachersí Resource Books. Emphasis throughout the course is placed on the teaching of key skills: grammar, comprehension, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary. 
Students’ Books
There is one Student Book per level, each providing the necessary coverage of skills and a gradual but progressive development of the studentsí writing skills.

Different forms of writing such as stories, letters, instructions, diaries and leaflets are included
Textbooks are divided into a number of units, which should provide enough work for approximately two weeks

Teachers’ Resource Books
The Teacherís Resource Book at each level is the ideal companion to the studentsí material.

Offers excellent support for teachers
Notes to aid planning and scheme throughout primary education
Shows how the course provides an underpinning structure to the teaching of English
Focuses particularly on the knowledge, skills, and understanding of writing, while giving ample opportunity for reading, listening and speaking
Opportunities are constantly offered for reinforcement and revision

Students' Workbooks
There is one Student Workbook for each level.

A wide selection of exercises, including puzzles and word games
Tests studentsí understanding of the key skill areas