Salaam Islamiyat Khususi Ishaat Book 5 (DCTE/NCC)

ISBN 9780190706500
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Salaam Islamiyat Khususi Ishaat Book 5 (DCTE/NCC)

Nazma Rahman

Salaam Islamiyat is a series of textbooks, ranging from Nursery to Book Eight. This edition, Khususi Ishaat, is based on five textbooks for Classes 1 to 5 and are completely aligned with Single National Curriculum (SNC) 2020. 
The series presents the basic beliefs of Islam in an easy-to-understand language and style. Attractive pictures and interesting exercises have been included to help children internalize Islamic concepts. Important events from Islamic history and the lives of earlier prophets have also been included. To eliminate every possible doubt the Quranic verses (ayats) used in the books have directly been scanned from the Holy Quran and authentic translations have been used for the verses (ayats). References have been added to every respected verse (ayat) of the Quran and ahadith of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). The significant number of hadiths been covered in all books.
In Khususi Ishaat, the textbooks exercises and activities have been added according to the SNC 2020 for Islamiyat. Progression in exercises has been made; not only related to the chapters, but also with every level of the books. Apart from this, SLOs has been added at the beginning of every chapter, new vocabulary with their meanings and guidance for the teachers at the end of every chapter.


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