Pheasant Phonics Class 2

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Pheasant Phonics Primary

Latest research has revealed the effectiveness of phonetic method for the language development. Children learn letters’ sound and their blending through this method which enable them to make words quickly and

‘Pheasant Phonics’ has been designed exclusively on the teaching method of Phonetics. This is a series of three books; Pheasant Phonics Book-1, Pheasant Phonics Book-2 and Pheasant Phonics Book-3.

Book-1 includes the introduction and basic word building of short vowels, digraphs and common consonant blends. Book-2 includes the sounds and word making of long vowels, combination of vowels, split vowels and r-controlled vowels.

While Book-3 includes the introduction of silent letters and soft ‘c’ and ‘g’ sounds. Moreover it covers the blending and word making of open syllable and multi-syllable words.

  • Basic Word Building
  • Short Vowels Sounds
  • Diagraphs and Consonant Blends
  • Sounds and Words Making
  • Combination of Vowels
  • R-controlled Vowels

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