PaperOne All Purpose 80 Gsm A4 - KFC Voucher Deal (2 Reams)

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PaperOne All Purpose 80 Gsm A4


Brand: PaperOne
Size: A4 
weight(g/m2) : 80
Thickness(um): 110
Brightness(%): 100
Opacity(%): 95
Sheets/Reem : 500 sheets
Reams/Box : 5


1. Excellent image clarity & contrast.
2. It has high opacity with a thickness.
3. High performance for both side printing & also copying.
4. Get Optimized smoothness on both surfaces
5. It's Uniform toner/ink absorption to provide good print evenness as well.
6. It's dimensionally stable
7. The Best Suitable for 1. Photocopy. 2. Laser Printing. 3. Inkjet Printing.

Learn more about PaperOne All Purpose:

PaperOne All-purpose is a premium quality printing paper brand, which is normally used for the purpose of Office use & fulfilling your printing needs. This is a very flexible printing paper that can be switched from one printer machine to another with the best printing quality result you want.

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