Pakistan: A Historical and Contemporary Look Revised Ed ...

ISBN 9780195798432
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Pakistan: A Historical and Contemporary Look is a dynamic textbook that introduces secondary school students to the History component of the Cambridge O Level Pakistan Studies Syllabus. Ideal for O Level students, it is also an invaluable source of reference for Matriculation students and general readers. It provides readers with a comprehensive and highly accessible account of their nation’s history from earliest times to 1988 and relates the remarkable story of a region consolidating into a nation. Written in simple yet effective prose, Pakistan: A Historical and Contemporary Look is a refreshingly objective approach to Pakistani history.
Special features of the revised edition include:

Summary Boxes which act as memory aids for revision and reinforcement
World History Boxes which narrate information on events taking place in other parts of the world in the equivalent time frame
An attractive layout with additional photographs and maps
Questions at the end of each unit which consolidate learning and help students prepare for examinations
An index