Oxford Secondary Science Workbook 2

ISBN 9780199063680
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Oxford Secondary Science is a highly accessible course designed to deliver the requirements of the Pakistan National Curriculum for General Science 2006. The series aims to meet the needs of teachers and students by building on and developing the core scientific themes studied in primary school, in carefully graded stages, thereby providing a comprehensive introduction to science.
The course has been designed with four main aims:

To provide students with a solid body of knowledge of the natural, physical, and earth sciences
To develop and extend students’ knowledge and experience of scientific enquiry
To enable students to explore values and attitudes through science
To encourage students to think about how science can best be used

Oxford Secondary Science is an interactive course, designed to provoke students to think, and it is flexible enough to meet the needs of students of all abilities. It also promotes the development of independent learning. For these reasons, Oxford Secondary Science will provide a scientific learning experience that is not only thorough, but at the same time both stimulating and exciting for teachers and students alike.