Oxford Progressive English Book 4

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Oxford Progressive English Book 4

Second Edition

Chris Jacques

Oxford Progressive English is a primary course that builds on all the strengths that have made it a best-seller since its publication.
Much-loved features:

A carefully graded syllabus to give children a solid foundation in English
Student Learning Outcomes taken from the National Curriculum of both the UK and Pakistan
A balanced approach to speaking and listening skills, reading,
vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and guided writing
A phonic approach to the teaching of reading
Lively, beautifully-illustrated reading texts that contextualize new language in a variety of genres
Extensive notes and ideas for further activities in the Teaching Guides

New features:

New or revised reading texts
Extra reading and extension work for more able pupils
Professionally made audio-recordings of all phonic tables, reading texts, and songs
Introduction of simple grammatical terms and dictionary work
Updated references to modern technology and science
Quarterly formative assessments in the Students Books
A summative end-of-year test in the Teaching Guide
A brief introduction for teachers at the beginning of the Students Books
Brief notes for the teacher at the back of the Students Books
A game for every unit in the Teaching Guide

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