Oxford History for Pakistan Book 1

ISBN 9780195775983
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Oxford History for Pakistan is a series of history textbooks for the middle school level (Classes 6, 7, and 8).
Based on the popular Oxford History Project, which is also by the same author, Oxford History for Pakistan is designed especially for Pakistani schools and integrates subcontinental and world history in a uniquely distinctive manner.
Portions of world history adapted from the original Oxford History Project are here complemented by a section on events in the subcontinent for the same period. Through the use of colourful illustrations, charts, cartoons, photographs, maps, and documentary material, this series aims to make history ‘come to life’.
A simple and lively text draws together the various strands, subcontinental and world, into a comprehensive and thorough examination of history through the ages. Special emphasis is given to the region which now constitutes modern Pakistan. This series covers events from prehistoric times to the post-Second World War period.

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