Nai Oxford Maashrati Uloom Barai Pakistan Book 5 Fourth ...

ISBN 9780190706432
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Nai Oxford Maashrati Uloom Barai Pakistan Books 4-5 are developed along the guidelines of the Single National Curriculum of Pakistan 2020 in Urdu language. They cover all themes of social studies: citizenship, culture, state and government, history, geography, and economics.
It teaches essential life skills and inspires learners to become responsible citizens. It emphasizes critical-thinking, problem-solving, and inquiry-based learning.
This edition has:
• A layout with refreshing design
• Content translating student learning outcomes based on SNC 2020
• Interesting facts
• Ideas for research and activities
• Work pages at the end of each lesson to reinforce knowledge
• An overview of each unit
• New, exciting, real life images and interesting illustrations
• Formative and summative assessments based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
• Glossary pages to build students’ vocabulary