Math Lab Activity Handbook 1[IS]

ISBN 9780190702878
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The Math Lab Activity Handbook is a curriculum-based handbook that is centered around the Pakistan Single National Curriculum 2020. With five books to address every level individually, this series is a response to the SNC by encouraging students to engage with their subject material in a number of ways. This hands-on engagement reinforces their knowledge as well as allows them to explore the subject, interact with it, and develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts by grounding them in practical activities. Every series has ample activities that tend to integrate the SLOs, as they are performed at an individual level as well as pair work or group work.

SLO Matching with every activity to make cross-referencing with the curriculum easy
SNC-based content page to make navigation easier and related to the curriculum rather than a simple chronological order
External Resources at the end that relate the series to other SNC aligned resources and weblinks for further reinforcement
Key at the top of every page to guide the student and teacher at the beginning of every activity–
(i) whether this is individual, pair, or group work, (ii) if any manipulatives are needed, (iii) if any
photocopying and cutting is required, and (iv) if any colouring is required
The Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach is heavily relied on in this series as all the activities, as well as their progression through the series, ties in with the theories behind this approach
Cognitive Domain from SNC has been added for teachers to refer to throughout the term to assess their students’ progress as well as remain aware of their holistic targets for every level