New Countdown Primer A

ISBN 9780199061792
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New Countdown Primer A

Second Edition

P.N. Singh, A. K. Roy, and S. Dudeja

New Countdown Second Edition is a carefully structured and graded mathematics course comprising ten books from the two levels of kindergarten to class 8. The pattern followed in the entire series ensures development in all areas of a child's growth through basic, multi-focal knowledge, emphasizing number skills and mathematical concepts.
Key features:

Clear presentation of key mathematical concepts
Solved examples of all concepts
Plenty of practice exercises
Review pages at the end of each section and also the book
Colourful illustrations
Worksheets to test the child's grasp of concepts
Maths lab activities to help build concepts through different activities

The Teaching Guides (Primer A and B, and Classes 1 to 5), accompanying the New Countdown series (Second Edition), aim to inspire teachers to present mathematical concepts to children imaginatively, using playway techniques. They are designed to augment a teacher's own efforts in creating a 'learning environment' in the classroom rather than a 'teaching' one.
The Teaching Guides are available in print as well as on the OUP website.

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