New Countdown Book 8 3rd Edition

ISBN 9789697342679
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New Countdown Third Edition is a carefully structured and graded mathematics course, comprising eleven books for Classes Pre-Primary to Class 8.  The pattern followed in the entire series ensures development in all areas of a child’s growth through basic multi-focal knowledge, emphasising number skills and mathematical concepts.
Key features

Specific learning objectives, Maths Flash, and key mathematical vocabulary at the beginning of each chapter
Images as chapter openers contextualizing real life examples with learning outcomes
Integration of concepts and their application in real-life situations
Solved examples and practice exercises along with Multiple Choice Questions
Revision exercises and test papers to assess student's learning
Colourful illustrations and photographs supplement explanations
Some new features: Mind Bender puzzles, The Maths Champ, Note, Remember, Quick Reference,
Do you Know, Important and  Mathema-Trick
Glossary of key terminologies at the end of the book for quick reference
Summary at the end of each chapter for a quick recap of content learnt