Complete Mathematics for Cambridge Lower Secondary Book 2

ISBN 9780199137077
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Build a strong foundation for success in the Cambridge Checkpoint tests, and ensure your students get the challenge and extension they need to achieve their best in the Cambridge IGCSE. 

Comprehensive - all aspects of the latest Cambridge curriculum are thoroughly covered so you can trust in complete preparation
Excel at Checkpoint - questions are designed to match the Checkpoint style, building confidence
Extension and challenge - extension material to ensure a flying start at Cambridge IGCSE
Practice - over 400 pages of rigorous practice to make sure students truly understand all the material
Eliminate confusion - detailed worked examples help students understand every step in complex problems
The support you need - Homework Books and Teacher Packs with CD will completely support your teaching
Internationally focused - with examples from all over the world, so material is genuinely relevant to your students
EAL friendly - straightforward language and key definitions ensure your EAL students can focus on the mathematics
Complete Mathematics is the new name for Oxford International Maths