Nelson International Science Workbook 5

ISBN 9781408517307
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Nelson International Science is presented in a fun, engaging and visually appealing manner, ensuring its accessibility to a wide variety of students. The course is practically focused, scientifically rigorous, and culturally sensitive, making it ideal for use in international schools around the world. The course consists of Students' Books, Workbooks, and Teaching Guides covering the six levels of the primary curriculum.
Nelson International Science offers full coverage of the Cambridge Primary Science curriculum framework. This series is fully endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations.
Practical experiments and activities using everyday materials encourage students to explore the world of Science in a hands-onway.
Students’ Books

Student's Books include a wide range of illustrations, diagrams, and full-colour photographs
Packed full of activities, games, and discussions to fully engage students of all levels


Workbooks provide assistance for students for in-class activities as well as further opportunities for encouraging independent work outside of school
Regular quizzes and assessments reinforce the knowledge students have acquired

Teaching Guides
Teaching Guides accompanying Students' Books 1-6 show how to deliver effective science teaching and how the Scientific Enquiry' strands of the curriculum framework can be woven into everyday science lessons.
The guides provide a variety of comprehensive practical activities which can be adapted depending on the facilities available at your school. In addition, detailed guidance on conducting practical activities is provided.