Nelson International Mathematics Workbook 3

ISBN 9780199402380
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Nelson International Mathematics is a progressive scheme that develops a holistic understanding of mathematics from Early Years to the end of primary education.
Underpinning content with problem-solving provides children with opportunities to apply strategic thinking and develop themselves as confident, innovative and engaged learners. The course is culturally sensitive with age-appropriate, academically rigorous content and is designed to be used in schools across the world.
Key features:

The course is split into 6 different stages for students aged 5-11 years old, with a Kindergarten level to support pre-school study
A Kindergarten level Workbook and Teacher’s Guide fully prepare students for beginning the Cambridge Primary Mathematics curriculum framework
New content at every level brings the series fully in line with the Cambridge Primary Mathematics curriculum framework
A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide for every stage provides detailed guidance on how the Student Book and Workbook contents cover and include all the Cambridge learning objectives for each chapter
The Assessment CD provides not only questions for continuous
assessment in the classroom but also exam-style practice questions to help learners prepare for Cambridge Checkpoint
Workbook exercises are varied, requiring a range of different skills, to maintain student engagement
A problem-solving approach to teaching the topics
Questions are put into everyday contexts which are relevant to students
The Student Books and Workbooks are fully integrated for ease of use