Nelson International Comprehension Student Book 6

ISBN 9781408502396
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Nelson International Comprehension Student Book 6

Wendy Wren

Nelson International Comprehension offers a progressive approach to successful reading comprehension for pupils at primary schools. The series is split into six year groups with 15 units each. The units include:

A range of illustrated fiction, poetry and non-fiction extracts and short texts
Questions about the texts to test the pupilís literal, deductive and inferential skills
Further questions to check the pupilsí knowledge of vocabulary and spelling patterns
Longer written extension exercises to build on the pupilís understanding of the texts

The Pupil Book is divided into 15 units of work, which have been carefully written to achieve gradual progression in learning and building on learning across the whole year. The units of work include extracts and short texts covering a full range of fiction, poetry and non-fiction.
The units can be used over several lessons if necessary. It is suggested that the pupils are allowed to read the whole text or extract before beginning to answer the questions.

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