Reading Comprehension and Grammar for Class 5

ISBN 9780199063918
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Reading Comprehension and Grammar is written for students of Class 4 studying in O level schools in Pakistan.
This book brings together a variety of student-friendly texts for reading comprehension, with corresponding grammar and vocabulary exercises.
The topics and text types have been carefully selected to meet the requirements of education according to international standards, particularly those of the UK National Curriculum for English.
Key features:
• Each of the five units follows a particular theme.
• There is a variety of text types, such as plays, fiction, and advertisements.
• Annotations highlight distinctive features of texts.
• Grammar and vocabulary exercises are carefully graded.
• The exercises encourage students to use language in context.
This book is part of a series developed for primary level classes. 
Tabassum Murtaza, Deputy Manager, and the English Curriculum Group-Primary, Beaconhouse School System have been instrumental in initiating and developing this project. Their contribution is gratefully acknowledged.