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My Learning Train is a comprehensive, activity-based preschool series comprising of three levels—Pre-nursery, Nursery, and Kindergarten. The series uses activities to introduce concepts and reinforce learning. Through focusing on inherent skill development and learning-by-doing, the series lays the foundation for lifelong learning and development in an enjoyable manner.
World of Numbers (My Learning Train) addresses the need to equip children with basic numeracy skills to create a strong foundation in mathematics. In keeping with the approach of the series, this book uses activities to facilitate the development of basic concepts of numeracy and the ability to think logically. The book familiarises children with pre-number concepts and enables them to understand the symbol-value relation of numbers before introducing them to basic mathematical operations. The book includes stories and rhymes to engage children in the learning process. Flash cards, which appear at the end of the book, are a powerful teaching and learning tool that may be used for classroom drills, over and above the suggested activities.
Special Features:

Flash Cards and Sticker Sheets included in the Student’s Book to aid learning and reinforcing concepts
Additional Worksheets Booklet for practising pre-number concepts and number values are also available with the book

Teaching Guides with all Student’s Books aim to provide a holistic development of the young learners through providing comprehensive planners, activity banks, easy-tomake resources, and assessment strategies.