Maths Wise Book 2

ISBN 9780195979350
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Maths Wise Book 2

Shamlu Dudeja

Maths Wise is a pre-primary to secondary Mathematics course that meets the objective of the Pakistan National Mathematics Curriculum 2006 and is also compatible with contemporary mathematics Curricula.
Mathematics has always been central to a child's education and is a vital tool in dealing with real-life problems.
The main objective of this course is to present lessons in a simple but interesting manner so that students make their own discoveries with some help from the teacher.
Key features:

An interactive teaching method is used and lessons include real-life, multi-sensory learning situations
The colourfully illustrated books are attractive to learners
Plenty of exercises and suggestions for extra activities are included, which provide adequate problem-solving practice for each concept
Great emphasis is placed on allowing each student to learn at his/her own pace
Teaching Guides, which include extra worksheets, indicate how lessons can be taught in order to derive maximum learning

Maths Wise Addendum 2

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