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Ibn e Khaldun and his Muqaddimah is the fifth offering in the Literary Heritage Series for Young Readers, following Our Shaikh Saadi, The Simurgh and the Birds, Our Bhittai, and Our Rumi. While the others are titles about world-famous poets, Abdul Rahman Ibn e Khaldun was a Muslim intellectual who should be a source of inspiration for our young generation.
A historiographer and historian, Ibn e Khaldun is known as the founding father of modern sociology, the science of demography, natural sciences, politics, economics, and development of civilizations. The Muqaddimah, meaning ‘An Introduction’, was written for a history book towards the end of his long and varied career. However, as it contained the very essence of his life’s experiences, observations, and analysis, it outshone the rest of his scholarly work. Today, Ibn e Khaldun is universally acknowledged and is important for our young generation as a link between the past and the present.
The purpose of Ibn e Khaldun and his Muqaddimah is mainly to introduce this remarkable and amazing Muslim intellectual to our young readers and help them know about his person, life, and works. Beautifully illustrated, this book will educate as well as fascinate its readers.
The selection and compilation of the text has been done by Fahmida Riaz, an eminent poet and writer. Great care has been taken in selecting suitable material to appeal to the youth.