Islamiyat Sindhi Book 8

ISBN 9780199402359
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The series of Islamiyat textbooks in Sindhi from pre-primary to class 8 is in accordance with the National Curriculum of Pakistan, 2006.
This series covers basic Islamic injunctions in such a simple and comprehensive way so that students may not only learn them to reproduce during assessments but to accept them as moral code of conduct for their lives. Quranic references, Ahadiths, and episodes from the life of our holy prophet (PBUH) have been included in each topic to enable the children to know the actual resources which provide basis for the establishment of true Islamic society.
To enhance the understanding and imagination of students of the important concepts and incidents, number of four colored illustrations along with activitybased approach is added which will maintain the interest level of pupils at its peak and will keep them thoroughly involved in every lesson.
This series has been supplemented with bilingual teaching guide in both Sindhi and Urdu to ensure effective delivery of lessons even by non-native teachers.