Introducing International Relations

ISBN 9780190701901
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Introducing International Relations explores the development of the IR ‘discipline’ through three major essentials: concepts, theories, and practices. Each chapter is structurally organised with respect to detailing concepts, moving thereon to theory, and animated with relevant empirical examples making the connect between theory and practice. Pakistan and the developing world provide the primary reference points for the discussion of practice which is one of the major strengths of the book. In addition, the book challenges students to think methodically, independently, and critically by way of relevant thinking exercises and a summation of key points at the end of individual chapters.
This book will not only serve as a useful text for undergraduate and graduate students in universities and colleges but also as a resource for faculty, researchers in think tanks, bureaucrats, candidates appearing in competitive civil service examinations, journalists in print and electronic media, and general readers interested in understanding the nuances that constitute, determine, and shape international relations.