Geography Alive Revised Edition Book 3

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Geography Alive Revised Edition Book 3

Peter Moss

Geography Alive, Revised Edition, is a course for the lower secondary level, written by Peter Moss, author of the popular series, Oxford History for Pakistan. It has been designed in accordance with the requirements of the Pakistan National Curriculum. In Geography Alive, students discover that the study of geography can be an interactive, exciting experience that does not end in the classroom. They learn to relate what they read in their textbooks to the world around them in particular, through hands-on experiments and creative activities, and questions which reinforce the material introduced in each chapter. Colourful photographs, illustrations, maps, and diagrams make the learning process interesting and enjoyable.
The revised course includes up-to-date facts and figures about countries and the world in general. New maps and photographs have been included. The new design and layout make the books very attractive and user-friendly.

Pupils Book 1 introduces the student to basic geography, the natural world, and the environment.
Pupils Book 2 introduces the student to the geography of Pakistan, its rich natural resources, economic activities, and environmental concerns.
Pupils Book 3 widens the students knowledge of geography through case studies of countries around the world, with special focus on Islamic nations.

Each Pupils Book is accompanied by a revised teaching guide which contains not only answers to the questions and activities, useful teaching tips, ideas for class and project work, and additional information on the topics covered in the Pupils Book, but also MCQs, lesson plans, and assessment sheets. Teachers are advised to use Geography Alive in conjunction with Oxford School Atlas for Pakistan, which contains the most up-to-date cartographic material and data available on Pakistan and the world.

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