Family Laws in Pakistan

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Family Laws in Pakistan

Muhammad Zubair Abbasi and Shahbaz Ahmad Cheema

This book provides the latest and updated account of the principles and practices of family laws in Pakistan. It is primarily based on the latest case law and statutes. The authors not only present systemically organised case law but also critically evaluate leading judicial precedents. Various chapters of the book cover general principles of family law, demonstrate their application based on the facts of each case, trace patterns of developments in case law, rationalise conflicting judicial authorities, and propose law reform, wherever required. This is the first book that takes into account personal laws of non-Muslims in Pakistan and covers important issues related to conflict of personal laws.

Author Description
Dr Muhammad Zubair Abbasi is an Assistant Professor, Shaikh Ahmad Hassan School of Law, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). He completed DPhil at Oxford University, LLM (Corporate Governance) at Manchester University, and BA, LLB (Hons) at International Islamic University, Islamabad. He practiced law for several years before joining academia. He has published widely in the fields of Islamic family law and corporate law. His main area of interest lies in organisational law which intersects various institutions such as family, corporations, trusts, markets, and states. Trained as a lawyer and legal historian, Dr Abbasi has conducted path-breaking research on the formation of Muslim Personal Law in British India. His current research project explores the contribution of the Federal Shariat Court and the Shariat Appellate Bench, Supreme Court in the application, and development of Islamic Jurisprudence. He is the Chief Editor of the LUMS Law Journal and the Pakistan Editor for the Harvard Law School project Sharia Source.

Dr Shahbaz Ahmad Cheema is an Assistant Professor, University Law College, University of the Punjab. He completed PhD at University of Warwick, UK, LLM at University Law College, University of the Punjab, and BA, LLB (Hons) at International Islamic University, Islamabad. He has been teaching at the University of the Punjab for the past seventeen years. In addition to authoring a book titled Islamic Inheritance Law: Practices in Pakistan published by Shariah Academy of International Islamic University, Islamabad, Dr Cheema has published numerous research articles on Islamic law and law of Evidence.


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