Explore Workbook 3

ISBN 9780195473148
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Explore is a dynamic new geography series for secondary classes 6, 7, and 8 developed along the guidelines of the Pakistan National Curriculum 2006 Geography component and the UK National Curriculum. Explore introduces students to an important subject in an exciting, interactive way, with the aim of helping them to understand the changing world they live in.
Key features of the series:

Imparts latest information on the various aspects of geography, i.e. physical, human, and environmental geography
Deals with topical global issues; covers map-reading skills; helps in understanding, compiling, and presenting data in various ways followed by activity-based questions
Includes appropriate maps and illustrations, Information Boxes with additional relevant text, Geographical Skills guides, graphs, tables, and charts which present up to date content in an attractive, user-friendly style
Includes activities in the textbooks to encourage individual as well as pair and group work, discussion, and peer assessment, to help students improve their understanding and work
Accompanying workbooks reinforce and extend skills acquired in the textbooks through group, pair, and individual activities, and thus are an indispensable part of the series
Teaching Guides provide valuable support in the form of further explanations, guidance for textbook activities, key to workbook activities, and lesson planning