Dragonfly Readers: My Family

ISBN 9780190890018
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My Family is Band 2 of Dragonfly Readers Level 1 Yellow. This anthology contains three theme-linked reading texts:
Riya Misses her Dad 
When work takes her father away from their Indian village home, Riya must wait for his return. She tries to find things to do to make the time pass more quickly. But the wait is not easy!
Shaan Town Tales – Our Shophouse
This ‘Shaan Town Tale’ features Mina and Dasan’s interesting home. There are many jobs to do in this busy shophouse – some that require being in two places at once!
The Smallest Pear
Father gives Kong Rong some pears to share with his brothers – find out who gets the smallest one. This popular Chinese traditional tale shows the true meaning of respect and care within the family.