Delite Air Freshener Opel [IP][1Pc]

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Delite Air Freshener Opel [IP][1Pc][U31-11723]

Brand : Delite

Product Type : Air Freshener


Product information

Delite Opel Air Freshener 300 ml Keep your home fresh and free of bad odor throughout the day. Its unique formula quickly fills the room with fresh fragrance and kills the bad smell. It has a scent that creates a welcoming atmosphere in your house 1. Delivers big freshness for small spaces. 2. This easy-to-use air refresher needs no electricty or batteries and comes with a unique fragrance control thats easily adjusted by raising or lowering the top lid. 3. Instantly infuse the air with passionately crafted fragrance to express your spirit. 4. Air freshener for home designed to fight tough odours.

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