Cricket: A Bridge of Peace

ISBN 9780195978360
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This book was written when the author was manager of the Pakistan cricket team during its tour of India in 1999 and the World Cup in South Africa in 2003. The author has focussed on the role of cricket as a bridge of peace within a tortured society, South Africa, and between hostile neighbours Pakistan and India. It also chronicles the matches on the two tours, drawing cricketing conclusions from Pakistan’s success in India and its failure at the World Cup. As an experienced diplomat and cricket enthusiast, Shaharyar Khan is eminently qualified to analyse the role of cricket in politics and diplomacy, and its moulding influence in public attitudes.
In December 2003, Shaharyar Khan was appointed Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board. During March and April 2004 the momentous series between Pakistan and India took place, and in the epilogue the author chronicles the events of that series. His conclusion now is the same as then: that cricket does act as a bridge of peace.