Computer Whiz Book 3

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Computer Whiz Book 3

Third Edition

Sameena M. Haidermota

Computer Whiz (Third Edition) provides students with a detailed basic knowledge of computers at the primary level. The computer is presented to children through the friendly mascot, Whiz, to create interest and visual appeal. Varied activities reinforce understanding of the different concepts. The new features, fresh layout, and stimulating exercises added to this edition will help develop computer skills and enhance student learning.

Whizs Files contains a list of the chapters with teaching objectives and learning outcomes.
Whizs Commands offers tips on conduct, etiquette, and safety while using the computer and the internet.
Word Whiz consists of activities involving the use of new vocabulary introduced in each chapter.
Explore with Whiz reviews the concepts that have been learnt in the chapter through interesting and challenging exercises
Whiz Bytes provide additional computer information to students from Book 3 onwards.
Whizs Quiz offers questions that develop the recall and analytical skills of students from Book 4 onwards.
Whiz through Lab encourages the students to develop practical computer skills.
Whizs Tasks facilitate interaction with the teacher. Details are provided in the accompanying teaching guides.
Whizs Notes offer a revision of each chapter with a summary of the important points.
Whizs Word File is a list of important terms with their meanings given at the end of each book. 

The Teaching Guides provide helpful tips, lesson plans, and worksheets with engaging activities that support learning.

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