Casio Calculator FX82ES-Plus 2 [Original][1Pc]

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Casio Calculator FX82ES-Plus 2 [Original][1Pc][U223]

Casio Calculator FX82ESP


Simple and easy to use

Optimal education tools realized through s design that emphasizes comfort in the hand, legibility, and usability through the pursuit of simplicity

Natural Textbook Display

Features Natural Textbook Display format for displaying equations and calculation result just as they appear in textbooks

Authentic quality

Excellent quality and authentication ensure confidence and peace of mind for use in educational settings

Main functions

  • Prime factorizations
  • Random integers
  • Fraction calculations
  • Combination and permutation
  • Statistics (List-based STAT data editor, standard deviation, regression analysis)
  • 9 variables
  • Table function
  • Comes with new slide-on hard case
  • Coordinate transformation

    Coordinate transformation

  • Power calculation

    Power calculation


  • Statistics
  • Statistics
  • Statistics


  • Trigonometry

Table function

  • Table function

  • Table function

  • Table function
  • Table function

  • Table function

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