Activate 3 Student Book

ISBN 9780198392583
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Activate is the most popular course for KS3 Science and prepares students for all GCSE routes, with flexible assessment and progression from assessment expert Dr Andrew Chandler-Grevatt . This Student Book will spark students' curiosity in science, whilst building maths, literacy and Working Scientifically skills.

Written by experienced teachers, and reviewed by our expert Assessment Editor
An engaging option for teaching Y9 who have covered the KS3 programme of study and need further preparation for all KS4 routes
Further practise of maths, literacy and working scientifically, still in distinct biology, chemistry, and physics units, but in context
Engaging topics such as 'detection', 'new technologies' and 'turning points'
End-of-chapter questions in GCSE and IGCSE styles, as well as scenario based activities to help prepare for BTEC