An Introduction to Islamiyat Revision Guide

ISBN 9780199406265
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An Introduction to Islamiyat—History, Beliefs, and Practices has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of the Cambridge International Examinations O Level and IGCSE syllabuses, 2058 and 0493, Papers 1 and 2. The objective of this textbook is to give students of all abilities the chance to study the subject in the detail that would help them to achieve desirable grades and to kindle in them an interest to engage with the subject. The textbook is divided into two parts. Part One focuses on the units of study for Paper One and Part Two, likewise, covers the units of study for Paper Two. A brief introduction is given at the start of every chapter to explain its objectives. The units in both parts systematically cover all the areas of study given in the syllabus. The endeavour is to make the material required for a sound study of this subject available to them within the scope of the syllabus, in a way that they would find engaging and which in turn would lead to a better understanding of Islam, its origins, and its appeal.
Introduction to Islamiyat—History, Beliefs, and Practices is accompanied by a Student Revision Guide that covers all the areas of study, but focussing mainly on key elements. Practice Questions, taken from past papers, are given at the end of each chapter in the Revision Guide, along with information regarding what students will be tested on and how, a checklist to use throughout the year as a revision tool, and a list of command words/ phrases used in examination questions.