Agents of Change

ISBN 9780190706340
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Agents of Change is a compilation of thought-provoking insights, opinions, personal stories, and suggested actions for change in the K-12 education system in Pakistan.

It validates how good schooling can alleviate poverty and advance societal development through equitable opportunity for quality education.

Clear and precise proposals are offered for reforms in the Pakistani context.

Thoughtful analyses are based on sound research, conversations in the education community, interviews with experts in the field, and first-hand knowledge of the many challenges in the education system.

There is also a Call to Action for broader public support and civic leadership to oversee the reforms.  
The authors argue that it will take greater public participation and strategic political advocacy to chip away at the problems.

The case is made that the TCF* model of quality education and efficient management at a large scale offers a template for improvements in the education system.

* The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is a Pakistani non-profit that operates 1,650 schools, including 300 adopted public schools.