A Flowers Song

ISBN 9780199405411
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A Flowers Song

Zakir Husain
Illustrations by Pooja Pottenkulam

If you were a little seed, safe and warm, nestled down in the earth, wouldnt you always want to stay there? This is the story of how one gul-e-abbas breaks out of her safe home and grows outwards and upwards, towards the light. But if even the most beautiful flower must fade and die, what is the purpose of life?
A poignant tale of how the meaning of one life is to bring joy to another.

Author Description
This folktale has been retold by Indias third President, Dr Zakir Husain. ‘For all children, he wrote, ‘the first books they read are the key to the magic of the world.
Translated into English, by the authors great-granddaughter Samina Mishra, these books will delight anyone learning to read for the first time, and are perfect for parents and teachers to read aloud. With colourful illustrations and simple text, they can unlock the wonderful world of a childs imagination…


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